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The DD Annual 2019


Image of The DD Annual 2019

Pre-order to be one of the first to get your hands on the latest DD Annual! Released 10th January 2019, with all orders shipped to arrive the same week.

The DD Annual is back, and more beautiful than ever.

Bringing together some of our very favourite pieces published online throughout the year, the DD Annual is a beautiful collection of the words and stories of women, as well as a look back over a year spent in the company of DD.

Full of fiction, personal essays, short stories, and everything in between, this print issue also contains interviews and features exclusive to the Annual.

This is our way of celebrating our collective, and exploring female experience in all its forms. It's written by you, for you.

Our gorgeous illustrated cover is by Tink Outside the Box (Instagram: @tinkoutsidethebox).

January – Power
February – Secrets
March – Revival
April – Distance
May – Thrills
June – Now
July – Persist
August – Youth
September – Courage
October – Comfort
November – Pride
December – Together

Trade book
15×23 cm
January 2019

About Dear Damsels

Dear Damsels is an online platform championing young female voices – a place where women can come together online, to read and write about the things that matter to them. DD was set up in January 2016 with the very first of our monthly themes, CREATION – in which we discussed everything from shaky starts to arts and crafts. Since that first month online, we’ve gone on to open submissions on 36 themes and counting, and we’ve published over 150 writers. We continue to accept writing of all kinds – from short stories, to poetry, to personal essays and opinion pieces – and are proud to publish experienced writers alongside those who have yet to share their writing with anyone else.

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